CCE Workshop
March 16-17, 2024

Workshop Information

CCEA workshop 16th - 17th.pdf

Contact us at if you have questions.

Course Maps

Level 2 (Starter)

Level 4 (Novice)

4 Types of Obstacles

Regular (RG) - height and width average for the level

Challenge (CH) - height and width max or higher for the level

Knock Down (KD) - obstacle has a knock down element on top

Connected (CO) - obstacles must be negotiated as a combination

3 Ways to Negotiate an Obstacle

Pass either side - no passing flag on obstacle

Pass Left - passing flag on the left of obstacle

Pass Right - passing flag on the right of obstacle

Course Strategies

I want to build my confidence

Jump all of the Regular (RG) obstacles, and pass the Challenge (CH) and Knock Down (KD) obstacles.

I want to challenge myself

Jump all of the Challenge (CH) and Knock Down (KD) obstacles, and pass some of the Regular (RG) obstacles.

I am not confident about some types of obstacles (water, banks, etc.)

Pass these obstacles, jump most (or all) or the Regular (RG), Challenge (CH) and Knock Down (KD) obstacles.