Volunteers are welcome at all our Center sponsored events and special events. No training is required as we offer videos as well as on-site training to those who love horses and want to spend time outdoors.

Dressage Bit Check

Checks every competitor’s bit for legality, also checks spur and whip length, tightness of the noseband, and ear bonnets for illegal soundproofing. This is not an entry level position. The bit checker must know the current USEA regulations on which bits and spurs are legal, and there are very many legal ones, and very many more illegal ones. Must be able to track horses on a clipboard. This is an outdoor position.

Dressage Bit Check Guidelines

Bit Check Specifications

For current shows, we will be doing visual checks of the bit, whip, spurs, and other equipment.

Dressage Score Runner

Collects dressage score sheets and brings them to the office. This is an easy outdoor job that only requires knowing how not to interfere with a dressage test in progress. Suitable for young teens or mature children.

Dressage Score Runner Guidelines

Dressage Scribe

Writes down scores and comments made by the dressage judge during a dressage test. Before the test, makes sure that the correct score sheet is being used – that it matches the horse’s bridle number. Must be able to write quickly and clearly in small boxes on the score sheet. Small, legible handwriting is a godsend.

Dressage Scribe Guidelines

Scribe Basics

USDF Guide for Scribes

Scribing Study Guide

Dressage Warm-Up Steward

Manages the dressage warm-up area. Often there is more than one competition ring, so makes sure that competitors know when they’re close to their starting time and gets them out of warm up and to their dressage ring on time. Often needs a loud, firm voice to be heard by competitors. Works out of doors and tracks competitor numbers on a clipboard.

Dressage Warm-Up Steward Guidelines

Derby In-Gate Steward (same as SJ In Gate on video)

Regulate the flow of competitors into and out of the derby course.

Derby In-Gate Steward Guidelines

Derby Jump Crew (same as SJ Jump Crew on video)

Helps setting up courses and reset fallen poles. Also may need to rake footing and fill in holes. Lifting is required, but not more than 15 pounds. Entry level position, multiple people needed.

Derby Jump Crew Guidelines

Derby Jump Judge (same as XC Jump Judge on video)

Judges riders over the cross-country fences. Watch the full set of Jump Judge Instructional Videos on the USEA website.

Derby Jump Judge Guidelines

Derby Score Runner (same as XC Score Runner on video)

Collects Derby scoring sheets and brings them to the scorers. Needs to be able to learn the course from a map and drive a golf cart or mule in any weather without causing damage to the grounds. Often also needs to bring water to jump judges while efficiently picking up sheets and getting them to the scorers as fast as possible without disturbing horses, competitors, or spectators.

Derby Score Runner Guidelines

Derby Scribe (same as SJ Scribe on video)

While assisting the Derby judge, records jumping efforts and penalties on a score sheet while the competitor is on course. At direction of judge, records the time and any time penalties after the competitor finishes. Must be able to use a hand held radio and record results on a clipboard. Often works out of doors.

Derby Scribe Guidelines

Derby Timer (same as SJ Timer on video)

Times each competitor on the stadium part of the Derby course. Able to use a stopwatch proficiently. Works often out of doors and gives the time to the show jumping judge and scribe.

Derby Timer Guidelines

Derby Warm-Up Steward (same as XC Warm Up on video)

Manages the derby warm-up area. Makes sure that competitors know when they’re close to their starting time and gets them out of warm-up and to the derby in-gate steward on time. Often needs a loud, firm voice to be heard by competitors.

Derby Warm-Up Steward Guidelines